"Bangladesh is growing, be a part of it"

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Welcome to PPP Global Investors' Forum: Bangladesh 2012

Bangladesh has prioritized Public-Private Partnerships as key to delivering increased investment in infrastructure and public services. The Government has committed to a revitalized PPP Program that follows international best practice, backed by robust and reliable policies. Working closely with our international development partners, the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank, Bangladesh has implemented a comprehensive framework and enabling environment for delivering PPP projects.

The "PPP Global Investors' Forum: Bangladesh 2012" is the premier national platform to:

  • Unveil the pipeline of opportunities for PPP investors covering critical sectors:
    • Transport- roads, rail, bridges and ports,
    • Energy, water and waste,
    • Hotels and tourism,
    • Social infrastucture- hospitals and health services,
    • Civil accommodation infrastructure- economic zones & housing.
  • Showcase the enabling environment created to protect and incentivize PPP investors and ensure the successful delivery of projects.
  • Introduce the financing vehicles and supports that will help realize investments.
  • Highlight the investor friendly environment the Government has developed to make Bangladesh one of the most liberal FDI regimes in South Asia.
  • Meet key stakeholders in Bangladesh's PPP future.

Key public sector officials and their project advisors for will outline the details of the projects that are to be offered for tender.

Bangladesh, hailed as the next 'tiger economy' of this century, has consistently posted positive economic growth during the last three decades. Resilient, even in the face of the global economic crisis, Bangladesh has continued to post GDP growth averaging 6% year on year for the last 5 years, thanks to a robust manufacturing sector and growing services sector, bolstered by a deep workforce.

With an ambitious growth plan, Bangladesh is targeting growth to increase to 8% by 2015 and then 10% by 2021. To foster the enabling environment for growth, Bangladesh is seeking to make a step change in its investment in infrastructure, rising from 2% to 6% of GDP.

We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to partner with us and share in the success and benefits of a new era of PPP in a vibrant Bangladesh. We invite you to attend the "PPP Global Investors' Forum: Bangladesh 2012".